A Moment to Remember

If we read some words that I have written above, U will know that is the title of a movie, nice movie. But, I don’t want to discuss about the movie here (because we are not being  in theatre now). I just wanna tell about the story of  PEC’s outbond on last Sunday, April 18th 2010…One of  MY UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT.

Exactly, the outbond was the first meeting for PEC’s members that consist of more over 70 students, But unfortunately the members which attended this event less than 20 students..hufpp… I was disappointed enough..>.<.. But, the quantity is not everything if with a small part of students we can keep struggle… For the preparation for this event, the crews got some troubles like the equipments and transportation…Even on Saturday night, we didn’t get the certainty about the bus that would take us to Pasir Jambak Beach. I worried so much on it. Luckily, I got the message from Rahman on Sunday morning at 5.30 AM that the our college bus could take us to the place…Thanks God..

Where should  I tell this story from???

Ok…. Let’s start from here….

Well, I wake up earlier than other day because I had to fixed some preparation like preparing the equipments for the games and  personal equipments. After waking up, I had my praying and then took bath.. After that, I remembered  that we should bring our lunch-self so I decided to cook and pack three lunch portions that is for me, intan and dini. After fixing that I had put all things needed into my bag, I left my home to pasar baru.

At Pasar Baru….

We had a deal to gather in pasar baru on 7.30 PM…But I was lated..(Sorry .. v.v) because I had to fixed the preparation.. (I have tell it to you before, right ?). When I arrived at pasar baru, other participants n tutor were there, they are sari, kak ayi, dina, puput, nurul and some participants and tutors came a few minutes later.. Because of the bus had not come yet, some of us decided to had breakfast first before going.. Oh God… I  was hungry too but fortunately I had a piece of bread in my bag and I ate it fast…n_n.. While waiting others, I called Mr.Alfian ( our driver for this day ) to take the bus to Pasar Baru soon.

Around at  9.00 AM all of the participants, tutors and the bus had been in front of Sendik Gate, Pasar Baru and ready to go. But, like the ‘common habit ‘ on an event, there must be  ‘THE TAKING PICTURES CEREMONY’ and we also took some pictures which the bus as the background… And then, brummm…brummm…bruuummmmmm.

After taking time around 30 minutes, we got to Tabing. We almost got lost because of all of participants forgot ( or we did’t know at all..hehe ) where the right croosroad toward Pasir Jambak Beach (PJB)..* sorry I have to make abbreviation for  saving words… Luckily, we had da Bams to ask which was the right croosroad ( thanks Da Bams.. J ) and 20 minutes later we arrived at PJB and choosed the nice place near some cottages and under coconut trees…

Our first agenda is opening ceremony that was opened by nurul and followed by holy Qur’an reading by novialdi. Then, that was  my turn for delivering opening speech and followed by the speech form Da Yori. After that we closed with praying from Rahman.

The second agenda was introduction. Exactly, this agenda was the combination between simple game and introduction session. We named this game as ‘ throwing ball’ although the ball was not the really ball ( red : formed by a group of plastic…^_^)  with Mr .Bams as the MOM ( man of muzic..wkwkwk). The lucky participants who got the first turn is sari-chan…and then,, Ooopps, the muzic stopped when the ball was in my hand, so it’s mean that was my turn…After all the participants and tutors got their turn, we took a rest and had praying. Then, we had lunch together on the mats and we didn’t forget ‘ putu-putu’ along lunch.

The next games was named as “yel-yel war”. The participants was divided into four groups that assisted by four tutors. They were kak ayi, da bams, kak nova, n da yori. Each group should name their own group and created yel-yel that would be showed in yel-yel war. Beside that, we also share our idea, expectation and experience about english especially PEC.  I was in the second group which consist of ‘gokil’ and ‘innocent’ persons, they were sari, nina, lia, dini and assisted by the overspiritfull tutor, da bams…heheh. After discussing, we decided to name our group as THE FANTASTIC SIX because our group was consisted of six great, wonderful, excellent, and fantastic persons ( narcissism mode on..^o^). What about our yel-yel…?? Owww.. you can look and watch The full yel-yel show of my group and others  on PEC’s web site. Just open and explore this www.pecbemkmffua.wordpress.com. …Ow yeah.. When each group was discussing, three representatives of BEM KM FF UA came, they were Da Rio, Da Erik, and, Da Khairul.. (Thanks for coming and ‘keeping our bags’, Brothers..!! J)

Such a wonderful picture..!!!

such wonderful picture..!!!
such wonderful picture..!!!