First Achievement of PEC

How are you the PEC’ers…??????
Long time no share.

By the way, I would like to share about the latest activity of Pharmacy English Club…I hope this information can encourage and cheer all of us (again).

Last week (April, 28th-29th 2010), some members of PEC became delegation of Pharmacy Faculty to compete in the English debate competition that was held by Industrial Engineering Major which called as INSIDE 2010 (Industrial Engineering English Debate Competition 2010). Each Faculty had to delegate two teams that were consisted of 3-5 persons.
Fortunately, Pharmacy’s team took the second place in this event. ^_^

Well, Let I share from beginning.
Actually, I was surprised when I had received the invitation of this competition via coordinator of Students Resources Development Department BM KM FFarmasi a week before it. Oh, come on guys… PEC is the new club that was launched a month ago and held the meeting less than thrice. So, we didn’t have the great preparation or a ready fight-team.  But, I considered it as the challenge for PEC to show its existence and to promote PEC more to other faculty, mainly to Pharmacy students.
At first, there was difficulty in appointing who the delegation would be. I tried to ask the suggestion from the crews and the tutors of PEC and finally the lucky chance was given to the ten lucky members. They were Arrahman, Nurul Hidayah, Novia Elisa, Viki Hestiarini, Yoneta Strangenge, Apriyandi, Amelya Afriandes, Mutia Ardhita, Endah Wahyuni, and Nina Niagama. Two persons of them resigned a day before this event and the other two persons couldn’t attend this event because they had Debate Training at the same time. So, what I can say. I had to seek the other members that could replace and attend this debate competition. At the end, I got Idil Farhan and Yuliawati for taking this place. So, we had two teams:
Pharmacy I:  Novia Elisa, Viki Hestiarini, Idil Farhan and Yuliawati.
Pharmacy II: Yoneta Strangenge, Apriyandi, Amelya Afriandes, and Endah Wahyuni.

At Tuesday afternoon (one day remaining), the participants were invited by the committee to attend the Technical Meeting (TM) for retaining the motion and the opposition of each team. The committee informed that this event was participated by eight teams from five different faculties. Pharmacy I get the chance against the Engineering Faculty team and Pharmacy II versus the team of Social and Political Science Faculty.

“Show Time” (April, 28th 2010) at PKM UNAND
Oh… God…
On that day, one of the Pharmacy II members didn’t come until the competition began. So, we decided to compete by three members only. v.v… After preparing (all) matters about the motion we got, we still less confident. But, WE MUST DO. The Pharmacy II team got turn to compete on second session and Pharmacy I took the next turn. When my team (Pharmacy I) took place versus Engineering Faculty, we were so scared because our rival had many supporters in that room. But, we tried to show the best from us. After all teams compete, the adjudicators took time to decide four teams that entered semifinal. Happily, Pharmacy I became one of the four teams beside Economic Faculties team, Law Faculties team, and Social and Political Science Faculty team.

“Final, here we were…” (April, 28th 2010) at PKM UNAND

The member prepared the matter for the debate competition

On semifinal, we got the first turn to compete against economic faculties. Ow, they were the great debaters, of course. But, we had got our confidence back and we must be greater than them. After the semifinal done, the adjudicator announced two teams that entered grand final.
“Hupf…It is impossible for us to enter final, the third place is enough for us”, my friend said to me.
“Yeah, other teams have spectacular performance”, I answered.
But, when the adjudicator announced that we get chance to perform on final, we looked at each other. We were so happy and speechless.
Before the final began, each team was given five minutes to discuss and do “building case” for the motion. After the time was over, grand final was on fire. This session took around 30 minutes and we had to wait the decision of the adjudicators.  The finalist teams were so nervous while waiting the announcement. Finally, the adjudicators decide that the winner of this competition was law faculty and we got the second place. We felt a little disappointed because our score was lower three points than the law faculty team. But, we had tried and performed the best.

Semifinal ” Pharmacy Faculty team vs Economic Faculty team”

Time for PRIZE…hehehh

Taking picture (together) after having competition..
Pharmacy Team (Farhan, Fya, Lia, and Viki)

Thanks for all who had supported us..

Thank for Mrs. Henny Lucida, the tutors of Pharmacy English Club, The crews, all members, and PSDM’ers, and the crews of BEM KM FF UA.


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