by: Novia Elisa

Joining PEC???

Yeah… that’s a good choice for Pharmacy students who want to be better in English communication and they can not have English course in other courses. Actually, I had tried to enter one of the English language centre in Padang to improve my English ability but my effort was failed because I didn’t have time to follow the programme. I had to use almost all of my time in campus to have a class and practice. After getting home, I had to prepare my lecture, finishing my assignments, and making some reports for my practice. So, I was so tired all the time and it was difficult for me to have another activity.

Why should I join PEC?

Why is English important for me?


At First, I can not find the exact reason why English is important for me (and other students, of course). I just love English and everything about English. Maybe in your mind, I am too dramatic but it’s true. Come on guys… I just try to be honest to you. I love English although my English is still “under standard” and sometime I don’t understand what people say in English. That’s my first motivation in joining PEC.

After studying almost three years in pharmacy faculty, I feel that English is very important. Now, I don’t love English only but it’s my needed to get better life. In pharmacy faculty, I get the new motivations to learn English (exactly my motivation in joining PEC) because most of the handbooks, journals, articles, and other literatures are written in English. Even, some subjects are delivered and presented by lecturers in English. Beside that, one of the requirements to graduate from university is TOEFL score above 450. The problems are usual thing because we know that English is the language of civilization.

Last year, someone offered me to join in organizing English club in Pharmacy faculty. At first, I felt that I didn’t have capability and experience in organizing it. But remembering that English was very important for my lecture (and my life), I changed my mind and took the chance to join this club. And here I am, with PEC. I thought that it was the place for me to improve my English ability and practice to communicate in English. So, I hoped I could solve the problem mainly, in my academic process. After joining and following three meetings of Pharmacy English Club (PEC), I get many advantages besides improving my English competence. I also get chance to have blog-training, participate in debate competition, learn about how to organize a programme, and have many wonderful friends. It is something that I never imagined before.

By joining PEC, I hope my English competence will be better than before so I can communicate effectively with other people, analyze journals and handbooks in English easily (that will be useful for my research), get the TOEFL score upper of the standard for graduation (and for study abroad…amin), and the most important thing is I hope my dream to go abroad will come true (whether in studying programme, research, or travelling). Beside that, I hope I can get more knowledge and more friends by joining this club. At the end, I hope we (PEC’s members) can invite the other pharmacy students to communicate in English.





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