I’m in postaweek 2011



Finally I’ve accepted  this challenge that is applied by wordpress.com. It’s not a challenge actually, but some kind of motivation and giving inspiration for bloggers to keep writing and blogging.  I’ve decided to write more to share something in my mind and improve my skill in writing (mainly in English). And  thanks God, wordpress.com helps and facilitates me to reach them.

So, I’m starting right now and will fill the parchment in my blog at least once a week. I know It’s not  easy for me as the beginner. But, It will be something that reminds me to keep consistency to post a writing a week. Something like training to keep consistency. Beside, it will be wonderful. Imagine, one writing a week and a year it must be 48 writings… Surprised smile

Yeah.. postaweek is better for me as a beginner and  I hope it will be the beginning to reach next challenge, postaday… So, if you have visited and read the parchments in my blog, please leave ’something’. It can be ‘like’ my post or giving comment, critics, or suggestion. It can motivate to write and blog more.

OK.. now, I declare that I’m part of Post A Week 2011...Party smile


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