If you could read minds for a day, would you?

readingminds2Talking about read minds or mind-reading, I remember my favorite books and movies, Harry Potter. Yupp. In ‘this world’, I mean the magical world of Harry Potter there is magical ability to extract feeling and memories of another person. This ability is called legilimency. It is very special, just the expert one can perform this kind of magic.

Well, We have to leave the story about Harry Potter (*because I cant stop my self to tell  more about harry potter Laughing out loud).

Back to the question (or the title), if I could read minds for a day, would I??

My answer is NO…

As the special creature, we are given mind, feeling, and passion by God to make our life become balance. Let’s we make it detail. We are given mind to learn about the phenomena in our life, memorize everything we see, listen, and feel, and saving it. If we can analogize, our mind is like the super hard disk that can become the storage for all data and files since we were born until we still breath *except you get some kind of ‘losing memory  syndrome’. Can u imagine? how many experiences that had been stored in our mind either public experiences or private experiences..?? yeah.. you can’t count it..*I guess Rolling on the floor laughing

So,  I don’t want to read another person’s mind. I don’t have desire to extract what their think or access their private experiences. That is their right, right to save something and need not to share. That’s we called  S E C R E T . Beside that, I also don’t like if others try to read my mind so I must do the same action too. That’s I called ‘If you don’t like to be stolen, you must try not to steal’

Addition, it will not be interesting again if we have read someone’s mind. I mean like ‘not mysterious (again), no challenge’. For me, I love to learn about others not from read their mind but by interacting and communicating. I think this way is more interesting.

*I think I have to ask Professor Snape to give me some kind of tutorial about  occlumency if the title come true (Harry Potter mode on)

**I really have to stop write right now (if not, it will be a post about harry potter.. not about the title Laughing out loud)

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2 thoughts on “If you could read minds for a day, would you?

  1. If I could read minds, the one that I should have been mind reading is my self. Sometimes we don’t even recognize what our mind want.

    Anyway, about Prof. Snape, I am sorry to say that he is dead. Ya, I know it must be hard for you but you have to just let go. 😆

  2. that is..
    I’m still confused to know what the really my mind wants.

    yupp.. i have to let him go.. bu never mind coz Sirius Black ever said “The one who really and truly love u will not really and truly leave u. He/she always leave here.. in ur heart”. It makes me let him go sincerely *oalaaah harry potter mode lagi… :mrgreen:

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