A day with fictional character

Wow… it’s awesome..

Getting inspiration… new topic every day and I love this one.

Frankly speaking, I remember one of book (and had been released as a movie) about fiction characters come into real, Inkheart. I quess you ever watched the movie so I need not to tell u more.

If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

Well, It’s easy and difficult question for me because there are so many fiction characters in my mind that I want to bring into real life, to become friends with. You know, easy to think but difficult to choose. Hmmmmm… *thinking Thinking smile… thinking… thinking….

Ok… I get it Light bulb and I’ve decided to pick some characters up. They are Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins from The Lord of The Ring, Lucy Pevensie from Narnia, Cornelius Robinson from Meet The Robinsons, Doraemon, Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan, Peter Pan + tinker bell from Peter Pan, Susie Salmon from The Lonely Bones. Yeah.. They are some of my choices then let me make it detail. If I am asked to choose one of the character above, mine will be peter pan + tinker bell, the boy who refuses to grow.


What would you do for the day?

The day must be unforgettable adventure day. The thing that we must do first is trying to fly by sprinkling the pixie dust. And then, the adventure begun… I’ll enter the fiction character world..We’ll visit NEVERLAND Smile. Can u imagine? It will be awesome to spend a day with the lost boy, meet indians, mermaids, and flying around the Neverland with other fairies (*I do believe in fairies.. Angel). But wait, The interesting part is battle with the pirates, captain Hook and his lovely crews.. After that, we’ll build a tree house, take a rest there, sharing each other.. How amazing experience..

*I don’t know why I’ve been obsessing about Peter Pan and Neverland since I was child until now

**Thanks for inspiration from daily post at wordpress.com

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2 thoughts on “A day with fictional character

  1. Ow God.. You did it…
    I just planned to write about this but then I thought this topic didn’t suit my current chemistry :mrgreen:

    The most fictional character I would like to have is –> DORAEMON 😆
    You want to know why…? I think you got it…

    Anyway, whenever you write a topic of daily WP, I suggest you to leave a comment there and then create a pingback from your post… So, most WP users can find your post right from the daily WP post…

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