Ngeblog bareng PEC: What are difficulties in learning English?


English Civilization..

Nowadays, we are in English Civilization. I guess in a day you must use this language. At least when using your PC or your social network, the instruction must be in English (*although there is Indonesian version, I suggest you to be friendly with instruction in English. It’s one of the way to improve our English ability).

So, back to English civilization. You can look at around you or in your daily life, You will realize that English is very important. I realize it and because that I tried to make my English better than before. I confess it’s difficult because I’d been feeling it but I have to faced it. Facing that I’m in English Civilization and I must not be a loser.

What are difficulties in learning English?

Well, I really glad to talk about this because I hope anyone can solve my problem in learning English. After knowing and learning English since I was in elementary school until now, I‘ve found some troubles that I faced in learning English.

1. Poor in vocabulary

That’s my trouble. I have less lexicon that I can use in communicate either in speaking or writing. Yeah, It’s impossible to remember words in English.

2. Feeling shy to practice

Theory without action is non sense. For me, the most important part in learning English is speaking. It will be non sense if we’re great in grammar, structure, or whatever but we can communicate it with speaking. And I felt it. I felt shy to speak English because I afraid I would be wrong. I guess (again), this is the difficulty of others too.

3. Spelling and pronunciation

I ever heard a joke  that English is ‘Munafik language’ because the pronunciation is different with the  written one. This point also one of difficulty because we have to remember the letters and the pronunciation.

How can I solve them?

1. Increasing the vocabulary

I usually add my lexicon by watching movies and hearing muzic. Beside getting new word, I also can train my listening skill.

2. Don’t be shy to practice if you have the chance

Now, PEC has given me the chance to practice my English *although I didn’t use it wisely. But, frankly speaking I really feel my English ability increase drastically than before I joined it *Promotion Laughing out loud

3. Every day is English Day (In my room only Open-mouthed smile)

I used to speak English every day at least ‘speak to my self Rolling on the floor laughing’. This way helps me to train my tongue to be familiar with English).

4. Joining Pharmacy English Club (PEC)

Hahaaa.. promotion again.. but I’m serious, Joining PEC really helps me to solve my problem in learning English. Here, I got friend to practice my speaking, correct my writing, and getting many training, knowledge and experiences. Now, this is one of training, writing English session by following ‘Ngeblog bareng PEC, season 2’

What’s next from PEC?

Actually because I’m one of cr*w of PEC, I hope many suggestions, creative ideas, or innovation for PEC. Just tell what we can do to facilitate you in improving your skill in English. We can’t help you optimally if we don’t know what you need.  Then, we also need your great participation in this club.

*btw, we need your participation in campaigning English days in our Faculty.

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4 thoughts on “Ngeblog bareng PEC: What are difficulties in learning English?

  1. love this so much sist , i hope i can improve my skill in PEC. have fun together with english and participate in campaigning English days in our Faculty.
    *your promotion is effective XD

  2. Grammar is such an easy thing we can handle even without grammar books.
    Practical English is sometimes more powerful to teach us grammar rather than book itself.
    Practical english means spoken english from movies, songs, conversation, etc..

    But, anyhow, we still need books. But, books can work better after we face practical english.

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