Ngeblog Bareng PEC: Having Fun with Pharmacology


I like exam, I love it. Although I’m not really ready to face it. But I like the feeling when seconds accepting the question papers, feeling when we could answer the question well, feeling when we forgot to answer some questions, feeling when we knew the result of the exam (mainly if we got great score, ow… such speechless feeling Be right back)……. That’s why, I love exam.

Talking about exam, I have finished all examinations for all subjects in my major except the final exam. So, I must not face exam (red: semester mid test) this semester ‘cause I don’t take class. But, based on the topic that had been agreed by all participants of Blogging with PEC vol III, I have to describe about the subject I like the most in examination.

Describe what subject you like the most


(*I don’t cheat the example in PEC’s blog. But I’m really deeply truly love it  In love)

That is my favorite subject beside Pathophysiology, Pharmacotherapy, Human Physiology, and Natural Product Chemistry. Yeah.. actually, we have to love all subjects so we can enjoy in learning it. But, I love pharmacology more than others. Reason? I have so many reasons to love it.

1. I love it ‘cause I loved biology since I was in senior high school. I concerned on biology subject and joined the team of biology Olympiad in my senior high school.  I think biology has close relationship with pharmacology. So, at least I have basic in pharmacology..Laughing out loud

2. I love it ‘cause it is simple and easy to learn. I just learned the mechanism of actions of the drugs or others substances and then I can guess and know the effect in our body, side effect, contraindications.

3. I love the lecturers that deliver this subject. Yupp.. I don’t know why,  I just felt the lecturers make this subject become easy to understand. They gave us method to understand, not to remember..

4. I love it ‘cause I wanted to have research for my final project in this site. I wanted to improve my knowledge in pharmacology and concern on oncology. That’s my aim.

Additional reason

Beside the reasons above, I love it due to the tiny and funny creatures in this pharmacology lab, mice and rats (see the picture below)

Such a cute mouse, right?

I love them. They can make me happy because of their naughtiness and sometimes make me sad because of they are sick and loss desire to play.

The strategy you have to be successful in that subject

To be successful in the subject, all we need just review it again. I mean, I read it. Try to understand it, not to remember *although there are any part of the subject that need to be remembered such as the example of the drugs or the name of substances. But, the important one is understanding. For example, If we want to know how prednisone can induce hypertension, we have to know what the effects of prednisone to our body and its mechanism. If we want to know why NSAID can trigger asthma, we must understand about the mechanism of action of NSAID. I used this method to be successful in this subject.

Beside, sometimes I also made schema to help me in learning it. I just wrote the outline and tried to develop it. This method made me understand it faster than just read it. You can try it.. trust me *if you don’t trust me, you have to trust me Baring teeth smile

What score you think you will achieve in this mid test

What score? hahaa.. I’d got my score. It’s mean I had accepted the score of this subject. Do you want to know my score? But I think it’s not crucial to publish it here *just don’t want to show off .





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