Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

can we call it waterfall?

I have more



*These pictures was waken ‘somewhere’ in West Sumatera

and check them out too on weekly photo challenge








12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

  1. ada yang “weekly photo green” ga ukh?
    hehe.. :mrgreen: suka ijooo..

    tp fotonya mantap, emang Sumatera tuh pulau yang indah ya.. Subhanallah..

  2. skrg blm ada ukh.. bs jd the next theme..

    ukh ikt post a week challenge 2011 g?
    ikt ja ukh.. ntar kta dikrimin inspirasi bwt nulis tiap hari ke email kta.
    naaah… biasanya weekly photo challenge ni diadain pada akhir pekan..

    seru juga ukh…

    btw, syukron 🙂

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