Ngeblog bareng PEC: Tell about the most impressing day of this week

It’s over than a month without ngeblog bareng with PEC. Yeah.. really miss this moment among my busy days *sok sibuk… And over than a week I didn’t use the quill on my parchment. Actually, I didn’t mean to let it empty for weeks, but like I said I had sumthing urgently to do.

By the way, like the last ngeblog bareng, we started with conference and unfortunately just some of PEC’ers could join. No matter, life keeps going… Open-mouthed smile.

well.. Talking about this week, I told that it was enough terrible. Actually it wasn’t caused by my activity but the weather “light n hot”, really and truly kill me –>lebay..

Ok.. I’m serious now. I’m trying to think and build the sentences related the topic this night.. I have to be hurry, wanna sleep early because tomorrow morning must prepare for another agenda.. so what is the topic? the topic is ….

Tell a day in this week. A day that you think the most charming, unforgettable, full of busy-ness or something like that

But, I want to tell about two days in this week. Two days that special and essential for me. I don’t know whether I break the rule or not because the rule said that ‘a day in this week’.

Monday, June 13, 2011

That was my day, a step to reach the next step. yepp, I presented the result of my research on that day at 1 PM exactly *and if you wanna know. After having the presentation and discussion session + scoring, I could bring my breath back after losing it a week. I felt free although I must face the next step. But, at least I had finished it well and the bad dream will be far away from me.. Frankly speaking, It was my bussiest day for this week. I had to prepare everything for my presentation such my lappy, my reserch data, my presentation slideshow, and calling my supervisor + reviewer. I went to campus early although my schedule at 1 PM. Yupp, I made appointment with my supervisor and ensure that the reviewer remember my schedule.

Thanks God, I’d faced it

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Brother.

It was special day, either for my brother or me. Yeah, he is my only one brother and I just could celebrate his birthday only. I tried to remember my memory with him, it was unforgettable, impressing, and lovely. I could see in my mind when playing games together, cooking together, pick me up from school,… I cant believe that he is a father now..

*yaah… finished

**rasanya postingan kali ini g layak tampil Sad smile… too short


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