Stars on Earth

Look at them, like fresh drops of dew
Nestled in the palm of leaves,
Gifts of the heavens,
Stretching and turning, slipping and sliding,
Like delicate pearls glinting with laughter…

Let us not lose these stars on earth

6Like sunshine of a winter’s day
Bathes the courtyard in gold,
They banish darkness from our hearts
And warm us to the core


Let us not lose these stars on earth

Like sleep is trapped behind eyelids,
Where sweet dreams abound,
And in the dream an angel rises…

Like fountains of colour
Like butterflies upon blossoms
Like selfless love…

They’re surging waves of hope,
They’re the dawn of dreams
And eternal joy…

Let us note lose these stars on earth

On the heavy darkness of night’s bosom
They sit like a flame dispelling gloom
Like an orchard’s fragrance, they fill the air
Like a kaleidoscope of myriad hues
Like flowers reaching up to the sun
Like notes of a flute in the quiet of a groove

They are breaths of fresh air
The rhythm and music of life…

66963_166862796662236_100000155490877_602466_7101919_nLet us not lose these stars on earth

Like the life of the neighbourhood
Like buds, determined to bloom,
Like the breeze of the season caught in your palm,
They’re the blessings of our elders…

Let us not lose these stars on earth

__F4R1__005Sometimes as wise as old men,
At others like a carefree stream
Or a volley of innocent questions…
Like laughter breaks silence,
And a smile lights up a face,
They are like a celestial light that
Shines on the fortunate…


Like the moon dancing on a lake
Like a familiar shoulder in the midst of crowd
Like a gurgling stream, frothing and giggling,
Like a sweet little nap at midday


Like the comfort of a loving touch
Like joyous music ringing in your ears
Like a fine spray of rain…


*for my beloved nephew, miss u so much

**taken from OST taare zameen par


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