Being a mother…soon

Being a woman means you will experience many things that a man will never do. Ops, I don’t mean to differ man or woman; wife or husband; mother or father; so, no offend, please. Every person has his/her role that can be replaced each other.

Well, back to story. I am a woman (of course) and I thank God for it. God gives me role to be a daughter of great parents who care much on me. And my life is almost perfect after marrying a man that I love and loves me, in the quantity like numbers divided by zero. Marriage life is awesome, every day with him running fast and now God, the most merciful, gives us something precious. Frankly, I ever heard someone said that a woman be born thrice all her life. Becoming a daughter, a wife after married, and a mother after giving birth.

Being a mother is a gift. First time I ensured that I really got pregnant, I feel both happy and scared. Happy because the moment we waited for has come true and scared of the steps that I would face during my pregnancy. I texted my husband who was in office at the time, sent the picture of my test pack. Do you know? How could two ordinary red line of a tiny stick could bring an extraordinary happiness? That was our first journey to welcome our little one. It was wonderful, surely because we have waited it for 7 months after wedding.

Day by day, My lil one grow up fast. I begin to browse and read some articles or books about pregnancy, fetus development, and any tips for giving birth. I am so excited to think how big he/she is every week by looking the fetus development photos week by week. Calling my husband just want to asked him to talk to my belly as he/she can heard what daddy said. Yep. Sometime when you are pregnant, you will act something silly or foolish.

Pregnancy is a miracle. So just enjoy it.



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