Being a mother…soon

Being a woman means you will experience many things that a man will never do. Ops, I don’t mean to differ man or woman; wife or husband; mother or father; so, no offend, please. Every person has his/her role that can be replaced each other.

Well, back to story. I am a woman (of course) and I thank God for it. God gives me Continue reading “Being a mother…soon”



MotherHi Mother, Dear Mother, how are you doing?
Sorry I haven’t called recently, I’m getting by okay…

Your body is small and so are your hands
White hairs are mixed in and you’ve grown more genial
But to me you’re still bigger than anything, stronger than anyone
I want to tell my kids about this love that supported me

Even though I grow impatient when I’m near you
When you’re far away from me I grow lonely
That’s who you are to me, you can cut through any problem and solve it
And you have the most patience and toughness of anyone I know
You would always be concerned over my well-being before your own
Cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning, raising a child
You even worked during your free time Continue reading “Mother”